Ibish unexpurgated: what the Jerusalem Post left out of my op-ed today

On closer inspection, I find that the Jerusalem Post has excised at least the final paragraph of my op-ed in their newspaper today. They may have taken out more, but I don't have time to doublecheck that just at present. I'm sure they feel entitled to do that. It's their newspaper after all. But it's my article. I'll post the full version shortly, but the missing final paragraph reads:

In the meanwhile, Palestinians should redouble their state and institution building efforts with international support, recently reiterated by both the United States and the Quartet. And they should continue to explore what kind of momentum can be secured to complement diplomacy through nonviolent protests, and boycotts of settlement, but not Israeli, goods. Confronting the occupation at every level is essential, but a return to violence, no matter who instigates it, would be a disastrous miscalculation on the Palestinian side.

 I guess I can see what they didn't like about that. But it's crucially important to my overall argument. I think my readers deserve the unexpurgated version.