Campus Watch just can?t stop lying

The compulsive liars at Campus Watch just can’t stop the geyser of falsehoods that continuously erupts from their website. Last June I pointed out in an Ibishblog posting that “campus watch… had in its initial mission statement an overtly racist complaint about the number of Arab and Middle Eastern professors in Middle East studies departments,” which is absolutely true. Someone with excellent name of Cinnamon Stillwell responded on the Campus Watch website by denying flatly that there had ever been any such statements on their site, which of course was a lie. I demonstrated the depth and shamelessness of this lie in a subsequent posting on the Ibishblog. Using both my own archives and, more importantly, the excellent “Wayback Machine” at, I demonstrated that the following bigoted passage was indeed in the initial “about us” section of the Campus Watch website:
Middle East studies in the United States has become the preserve of Middle Eastern Arabs, who have brought their views with them. Membership in the Middle East Studies Association (MESA), the main scholarly association, is now 50 percent of Middle Eastern origin.

I also showed that the original site included the following stated intentions: “Identify key faculty who teach and write about contemporary affairs at university Middle East Studies departments in order to analyze and critique the work of these specialists for errors or biases,” and, “Keep the public apprised of course syllabi, memos, debates over appointments and funding, etc.” You’ll note the word appointments in that sentence, which strongly indicates an intention to be involved conversation about in hiring and promotion at American universities.

Because both of these passages were blatant and blunt about the mentality and the intentions behind Campus Watch, they were taken down fairly quickly after the site first went up. But they were there, and to deny that is to lie shamelessly and in a demonstrably false manner, as I easily demonstrated last year.

I am absolutely amazed that in a new posting on the Campus Watch website yesterday, Cinnamon reiterates her lie from last year in the following passage: After falsely accusing Campus Watch of intervening in tenure decisions (the "CW Positions on Speakers and Tenure" page at our website explicitly states otherwise) and making "overtly racist complaint[s]" in our "initial mission statement" about professors of Middle Eastern background, Hussein Ibish, writing at his blog, concludes that CW "should admit failure and be gone forever." In light of all these mistakes, Ibish might want to take his own advice.

These people are damned liars. Cinnamon Stillwell is a damned liar. In fact she is a compulsive liar. She can’t stop lying. And she can’t stop repeating the same stupid lie even when anybody can discover its blatant falsehood with three or four clicks of a mouse. Listen, Pipes, Cinnamon, and all of you mendacious bigots at Campus Watch: you’re busted! It’s too late. You can keep repeating that this isn’t true all you like. It’s on the Internet. You put it there. You put it there because you meant it. You meant it because you are racists. And now, not satisfied with that, you insist on proving yourselves compulsive liars as well. I can’t believe you are stupid enough to issue these shameless denials of the truth again when I’ve already demonstrated that they are there, online from your own website, preserved for all eternity by the “Wayback Machine.” Bigoted, untruthful AND stupid. What a combination!